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Feeding and Education Program

Jesus replied, "...You give them something to eat." Matt. 14:16


It's hard to hear about God's love when your stomach is growling.  In conjunction with Compassion International, we help feed almost 400 children from the community - 4 days each week.  For most of these kids, it's the only meal they will get that day.  In addition to feeding them, children receive tutoring and education, as well as hygiene and Bible study - which makes this feeding a Double Portion! 

First Steps

This dynamic ministry would impact the youngest children of the prison.  Five days each week, those children who are too young to separate from their mothers overnight (5 and younger) would be picked up from the prison and brought to the BHC.  They will spend the day growing and learning in a loving, pre-school type environment - and also receive three meals a day.  Most of these children are born in the prison so this is their only experience outside the prison walls. 


No child deserves to be raised in a prison!

Unreached People

Much of Bolivia consists of unreached Indigenous People living in hard to reach, remote areas ranging from steep, treacherous mountains to steamy, humid jungles.  Aside from health concerns of things like Typhoid Fever and Malaria, many of these areas lack basic needs of clean water and proper sanitation. We believe that everyone, everywhere - has the right to hear about Jesus - regardless of how difficult it may be to reach them.

House of Life

There are currently 20 kids living in just one prison in Cochabamba - awaiting a place to live.  The House of Life is nearly complete and will not only give us the ability to get these kids out of the prison, but will serve as a multi-purpose building as well.  

BHC School

As the saying goes, "Go big or go home."  A school is a lofty goal, but as you can imagine, education is poor here.  We have use of a building for school, but simply lack a "Cancha" - a covered, outdoor multi-purpose area used for sports and assemblies.  


Once completed, we will be able to begin the process of becoming a fully-accredited school where we can not only provide an excellent education, we can share the love of Christ with so many more! 


Home of Hope

The Home of Hope will house up to 36 children who would otherwise have to live in the prison or on the streets.  Here, they have their own beds, and will be raised in a Godly environment with plenty of food, medical and dental care, and a whole lot of love and support while their parent is in prison. 

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